Ameen Robert J

Providence, Rhode Island, United States

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My name is Bob Ameen and I have been providing legal services to individuals families and small business since 1979 Since the beginning of my legal career I have had a strong work ethic and I work diligently very important traits for an attorney to be able to satisfy a clients rightful expectations of hisher attorney and to gain the clients trust and confidence Now that I have been practicing law for over 30 years I also have the experience and practical knowhow to get my clients legal work done right and efficiently I feel very strongly about my responsibilities to my clients and I strive to provide excellent legal representation in a professional but also personal and courteous manner I am downtoearth practical and easy to talk with I treat my clients with respect My clients feel comfortable and easy in dealing with me and confident in my abilities as a lawyer I make it a priority to always be accessible to my clients and I never avoid speaking or meeting with clients who need to talk to or meet with me When in the office and not tied up with another client I will always take phone calls and if I am unavailable when called promptly return calls as soon as I am free I am always willing to meet with clients in the evening and on Saturdays if an appointment during normal business hours is inconvenient Having been raised in Pawtucket by frugal and thrifty parents I am mindful of how expensive legal services have become for the average hardworking person small business owner and retiree who make up the majority of my clientele I do my best to make my services affordable by charging fair and reasonable fees I always tell my clients up front what the fee will be and if needed payment plans can be arranged
Providence, Rhode Island, United States

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