Dr John Ricci Family Dentistry

Providence, Rhode Island, United States

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Dr John Ricci Family Dentistry was founded in 1987 after purchasing the preexisting practice of Dr Charamello A lot has changed throughout the years but many things have remained the same We are proud to have generations of patients some for almost 30 yearsWe are a family dental practice right down to Dr Riccis daughter who is one of the front desk receptionists and Dr Riccis wife who is an assistant Dr Riccis son Eric is a student at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston and will join his father in practice in 2017 Finally Linda our second receptionist is a good family friend and was a patient herself for over 20 years before she joined our team in 2007Dr John sees every patient himself for every single procedure whether that is acleaning or a crown we do not have hygienists at our practice Though most hygienists do fantastic work Dr John has always seen each patient for the entirety of every visit and has made lasting friendships this way Also we believe that the more time the doctor spends with the patient the more time there is to check your mouth for cavities or signs of oral cancerWe are a proud family practice and as such strive to provide you and your family with an encompassing and compassionate experience through the usage of 21st century dental technology
Providence, Rhode Island, United States

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